Concierge service Amsterdam – Personal

At ZOYO Luxury we believe that true luxury is all about thinking of ‘nothing’ but enjoying the fullest. Getting the best possible experiences out of your time fully adjusted on the way you like it.

To guarantee that all our clients have a perfect experience we created a fully independent concierge service in Amsterdam. With this service we can offer unique experiences & workshops, local transport, last-minute reservations, ticket services & purchases of needs for our clients (24/7).

All our clients enjoy this complimentary concierge service in Amsterdam during their stay. Besides this service is perfect for last-minute service requests, our clients are guaranteed of extensive local knowledge & the finest suppliers in Amsterdam.

What to expect from our conciërge service Amsterdam?

  • For last-minute changes & advice (24/7 during stay of clients)

  • Independent & honest advice on ‘best-in-town’ experiences

  • Restaurant services

  • Ticket & table services (nightlife support)

  • Add-on personal services (PA, nannies, hospitality etc.)


We offer the only concierge service in Amsterdam that is fully independent. This means we do not get any commissions on reservations. By this way, we guarantee the best possible experiences truly based on our own local experience.

Curious about our concierge services? Easily contact Thomas for more information (see right).

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‘Luxury is the convenience of not thinking of anything’. Let us create your well-bespoke adventures in The Netherlands & Belgium. Call me directly +31645070468