Atelier Culinaire – learn from the masters

Ever wondered how chefs prepare your favorite dishes, why you like that iconic whiskey or you enjoy that exclusive Spanish Belondrade Y Lurton wine? This is your chance to learn from the masters.

With our ‘Atelier Culinaire’ we work with iconic masters in the industry, from Michelin star chefs, the finest sommeliers, whiskey master tasters & local food specialists. They have all one thing in common: they are at the absolute top of the industry that presents the art of food & tastes. 

Why choose our ‘Atelier Culinaire’?

  • Exclusive private experience with the master him/her-self

  • Masterchef cooking class in Amsterdam

  • Taste the finest (local) products & exclusive products

  • Fully personalized

  • From workshops, tastings towards presentations

  • Exclusive venue/restaurant access.


Even if you don’t prefer to learn from the masters, you can still enjoy ‘Atelier Culinaire’ and just sit back. Easily use our chefs for private gastronomy, for example as a private cook during a canal cruise, a private dining experience or to make the finest ‘hors d’oeuvres’ during your sunset canal cruise.

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