From the moment our clients arrive by plane, they can enjoy our convenient & exclusive VIP airport services & transfers. We offer a selection of 3 different VIP services (incl. transfers) at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Our VIP transfers at Amsterdam Airport:

PREMIUM (standard):

After the client arrived they walk on their own towards custom & luggage collection. After they enter the arrival hall our driver will welcome the client (incl. name sign or discrete logo). The driver takes over the luggage and walks with the client towards the limousine that is parked just outside the terminal.  Type of car: Mercedes E-class or upgrade to S-class.


After the clients’ plane arrived, they are welcomed directly at the gate by a hostess. The hostess guides them towards an airport mini-caddy (electric golf car). This car transfers fastly & efficiently towards the customs & luggage services by avoiding queuing. After passing the luggage reclaim the hostess guides clients towards our private driver that is waiting for them outside the terminal. Type of vehicle: Mercedes S-class or Tesla X


The most exclusive option with a close eye for personal convenience & privacy. After the plane arrives clients will be escorted directly (outside the airplane) towards a limousine. This limousine transfers the client towards a private lounge in the VIP center. Upon arrival in the VIP center, it is possible to relax and sit back while the host arranges all formalities/luggage collection. After all legal actions are carried out our drivers picks the client up in the VIP center and transfer them directly towards Amsterdam (or another preferred location). Type of vehicle: Mercedes S-class, Tesla X, or (optional) Mercedes Maybach

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