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We offer the best dining services in Amsterdam; from local hidden restaurants, private dinner canal cruises to upscale restaurants, every dining place is chosen accordingly to the clients tastes & wishes. Our main objective is to understand and satisfy the clients’ needs.

Beginning with personal attention and elegant settings, all suggested fine dining restaurants offer the finest quality, unique tastes and a sensory gastronomic experience. In addition to our range of delightful local restaurants, we can provide a selection of rewarded Michelin stars restaurants that will delight all food-lovers. Offering exquisite products, the clients will enjoy the perfect harmony between gastronomy and Dutch culture.

About our fine dining service in Amsterdam:

  • The finest selection of true local- and gastronomic (Michelin) restaurants.

  • Private dining & exclusive chef’s tables.

  • Unique: dinner canal cruises.

  • Many halal, vegetarian & kosher options.

  • Meet-the-chefs: local workshops & food experiences.


Besides just having a great dinner, we also offer private ‘Atelier Culinaire’. During this exclusive experience, the clients will learn about different cooking techniques and recipes based on international and Dutch cuisine. Of course, those cooking classes are hosted by local (well-known) chefs.

After dinner we can provide the perfect place to enjoy a drink; from exclusive sky decks, hidden cocktail bars to great local ‘Gin’ bars, options are endless.

Bon appétit.

If you would receive more information about our luxury restaurant services. Easily contact one of our staff members or call us directly on: +31645070468.



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